EIRP Russia Energy Series – Russia’s Natural Gas Sector

EIRP Russia Energy Series – Russia’s Natural Gas Sector

In the fifth installment of EIRP’s working paper series on Russia’s global energy role, Tatiana Mitrova analyzes the changes and future prospects for Russia’s natural gas sector since its invasion of Ukraine.

In the paper, “The Outlook for Russia’s Natural Gas Sector,” Mitrova assesses the challenges facing Russia’s gas industry, which she argues has confronted “more severe consequences…than for any other component of Russia’s energy sector” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian government and private sector leaders are working to redirect supplies to China, Central Asia, and Southeast Asian nations, for which the expansion of its LNG infrastructure will be critical. Although its long-term position has weakened, Mitrova contends that Russia’s global influence in natural gas markets remains considerable and will continue to affect both energy markets and the global energy transition, whether or not the country succeeds in finding new customers.

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The Outlook for Russia’s Natural Gas Sector” is the fifth in a series of EIRP working papers on Russian Energy. You can find other papers in the series below. Subscribe here to stay up-to-date on the latest EIRP news and analysis.

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