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Managing Carbon

With carbon capture, use, and sequestration, Americans can continue to include fossil fuels as a core element in our nation’s energy mix while simultaneously reducing emissions. Developing cost-effective technologies to produce flexible zero-emission energy from fossil fuels should be a major focus of federal policy in America.

Advanced Nuclear

The United States created the nuclear energy industry. We should continue to lead in nuclear power development rather than surrendering international markets to U.S. rivals. Advanced nuclear reactors could contribute to energy security and to climate goals while also reducing nuclear waste, promoting nuclear non-proliferation, and creating new economic opportunities.

Renewable Energy

Renewables provide clean and sustainable energy and are a growing component of America’s diversified energy future. Understanding how best to integrate renewable energy into the country’s future energy systems is a key task for policymakers and legislators. The United States will need new technologies to exploit renewables to their fullest potential.